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It’s all about the LIFESTYLE June 2, 2010

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Any goal can be achievable when you put your mind to it and work hard at it. Just because
something is difficult doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant for you to accomplish. Many people always
talk about “it’s the journey that matters and not the destination.” In most cases, I have to agree.
Without the journey, the destination hardly has any value. The more accomplished something
becomes, the more valuable it becomes and the more we tend to value it.
One of those accomplishments I would like to discuss is weight loss. So many people look
for ways to lose weight fast, and in nearly all cases, it’s very unhealthy and unreliable. People gain
the weight back just as quickly because they have a hard time sticking with what ever program
they were attending to. I have been guilty of such things myself. Using crash diets can make you
feel good in how you look about yourself in the end for a short time, but what have you learned from it? I can guarantee that most people have learned nothing from it.
I have been a victim of obesity my entire life. In high school, I was at my highest weight at 260 pounds. It was a very difficulty and displeasing life I was living. I have tried various crash diets before, but I never stuck with them for very long, or they weren’t very effective. One day, I decided to go see a
doctor and take on a LIFESTYLE change for myself. There is a difference between dieting and
making lifestyle changes. (LIFEstyle DIEting..notice anything?) Yes, I was taking a pill at the time to help me, and it did work, but the majority of the weight loss came from eating healthy and working out
like I was supposed to. The only thing the pills did was to help curb my appetite, but I had to be the one
to make changes in WHAT I ate instead of how much I ate. I watched my fat grams, I went to the gym
and worked out to videos at home. Yes Richard Simmons really does work, even though he is
a little fruity. So does Taebo. It took me 10 months to lose 90 pounds, from January to October.
It’s amazing what you can accomplished once you make yourself focused and determined.
From then on, I have made HUGE lifestyle changes in my eating habits. I have gained a little of the
weight back, but I never got near to what I used to be when I was in high school. I am one of
those people who has to continuously work at it to keep my weight down. I had some blood work
done last year, and the only things that were deficient were my iron (which has been a struggle
since infancy) and my sodium was too low (didn’t know that could happen). Everything else was
perfect. , except had had slightly low thyroid. Let me also tell you a little secret…just because someone
is thin doesn’t mean they are healthy. Doctors may pass out by the looks of their blood work.
The main goal is to be healthy. Weight loss should be a bonus on to the package. I guess you can
say I have a true testimony of weight loss and been able to pretty much keep it off. Trust me..if I
can do it, so can you!
Yes, I am still considered overweight now. I need to lose about 45-50 pounds to get to where
I need/want to be. It does get harder toward the end of your goal, but it should make one that
much more determined. I have gotten off track with eating healthy, but I think most of us
can say we all fall short from time to time. For those of us who feel like we constantly have to
work at it, let’s try to think of it as a blessing to encourage us to never stop trying to
maintain a healthier lifestyle. So…this is the beginning of my blogging life as I will keep you informed
in how I am doing with my healthier lifestyle/weight loss goals. I have just started training to run, and
I am farther researching healthy eating/meals. I guess the biggest thing for me is to stay active.
I am determined to finish my goal of running a 5k, then a 10k, and my long term goal of running the
1/2 country music marathon of 13 miles. I have often said I wanted to do this before I was 30.
Well, I am 26 now, and 3 years to go. I can do this! 🙂


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  1. maggie Says:

    proud of you girl

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