Faith and Endurance: Running the Race

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…It happens…. June 13, 2010

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What a weekend! Saturday morning, I went to the farmer’s market and managed to get some fresh produce, then I went to Curves for a work out, which was great! I went home in time for lunch, and I did eat some pasta. But afterward, my hubby and I decided to do some hiking at a state park, that was up the road from where we live. We hiked for about an hour and a half. I LOVED IT!! Of course, I have always enjoyed the outdoors, but just about any outdoor recreational activity is a great work out, burns a lot of calories, and it lets you enjoy the scenery while you’re doing it. However, we did end up eating at a cook out later that evening. So, yeah, I did consume quite a few more calories than I probably should have. Today, I’ve had nothing but carbs, which was cereal this morning and more pasta for lunch.

I am a little disappointed in myself because today I had a bit of a loss for energy after my hubby and I sat and watched a movie after church while eating our pasta lunch. However, we are trying to hold out until Tuesday, when we get paid, to go to the store to get the groceries we need to restock. So…maybe it’s partially an excuse, and partially a ligitimate thing. I had laid out the chicken for dinner, but not really much of an option for lunch choices. So…I did fall off the band wagon just a little bit. I haven’t had any fruit or veggies today, which is awful…and no protein on top of that. Yeah, I feel almost sickly for not doing so. It’s amazing to feel the difference those foods can make when you go with or without it.  I am hoping to make it through the rest of this evening okay, and HOPEFULLY not gain anything. I’m not exactly expecting to lose, but I need to really work at it this week to make up for my losses over this weekend.

Along th way, I have decided that I wanted to do more hiking and other outdoor activities this summer. I’m going to pick a place for us to go every weekend, or Saturday for us to go hiking, canoeing, maybe some white water rafting, and hopefully some camping one weekend. It’s a great way to help keep me active and enjoy my summer. Since we don’t have much money, those things are great inexpensive things to do and we will have a blast. There are plenty of places in TN and KY, which we have yet to see, and would like to go back. The beach isn’t really my thing, so I feel like I’m not really missing much. I love the sounds of nature surrounding me.

I have calculated that cross country hiking for 2 hours will burn well over 800 calories, and canoeing for 10 miles will burn over 1,000 calories! There’s no telling what some of these other outdoor activities can do. You’re getting a major work out, and not really realizing it! It is important to drink plenty of water and granola bars, or food with protein and carbs to keep your body fueled for these activities, otherwise, you’re not going to think of them as being that much fun later on. So, if you do decide to go out and do these things, be careful and consciencious of what you need along with what your activity is. Please be prepared. On top of doing these fun things, if you’re not already into them, you will be…it’s like a drug…you’ll become addicted.

There’s nothing like sitting at the edge of a bluff you just hiked up to, taking a drink of your cool water and resting for a moment while looking in awe of the breathtaking scene, of which our Father has created for our enjoyment and as a reminder of how big He really is.


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