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Fighting It June 23, 2010

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As I begin my warm-up for my Week 3 Day 1 run, my heart is already pounding and I have butterflies in my stomach. Why? I’m so nervous about running for 3 minutes straight…wondering if I’ll make it through, questioning whether or not I’m ready to take it to the next level. I think to myself, I could barely get through 90 seconds, so it seems. I continue through my warm-up, convincing myself that I CAN do this. As I am walking, I suddenly realize that my warm-up is taking longer than normal. What happened? I accidentally hit the “pause” button on my C25K app! “AAHHH!” I think to myself. Well…just keep going! I begin to run my first 90 seconds, and it is uphill, and it is cake! I think to myself, wow! ok, maybe it won’t be so bad! Then my 90 second walk comes, getting myself mentally prepared for my 3 minute run. My 3 minute run comes, and what do I do? I MAKE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! YES!!! After that, I have a sense of accomplishment and I’m not nervous anymore! I manage to get through my entire workout!

I’ll admit, the second 3 minute run was a bit tougher, but at the same time, I was fighting more hills. The important thing is that I got through it. I conquered my run. It may not have been at the pace I really wanted it to be, but I got through it. I then had a realization that it is so good to have some sort of coach to push you a little farther every week. Just when you think you’re not ready to move on, chances are, you really are. This C25K program pushes you a little farther, bringing out the potential you don’t realize you already have. You have to keep going. It really is all mind over matter.

I had the opportunity to watch last night’s episode of “Losing It with Jillian Michaels”. It was an amazing episode, which actually took place in our lovely Goodlettsville, TN.  She yelled at this family,mainly the father until she was blue in the face. She knew what he was capable of. She had to make him realize that. I love Jillian, and she is such a motivator. She pushes people to their maximum potential. She sees what they have the ability to do, and she works hard to draw that out of people. They hate her at first for it, but ALWAYS end up thanking her later. We all need someone like that in our lives, and we need to be better at convincing ourselves of what we are really able to do. Jillian also believes in mind over matter. You really have to set your mind to it, and be committed. We have to learn when and where to push ourselves to the next level. If it begins to get a little easy, it’s time to kick it up a notch, to the next level. We don’t want our bodies to get used to the same routine, otherwise, the work outs will no longer be effective, or as effective. Just take a moment and think to yourself, “Am I reaching my maximum potential?” When you’re in your work out, and you feel your body getting tired, which you may be getting tired, but at the same time, you’re making your body stronger. It is so important to be observant of yourself and what you are really capable of doing. Ask yourself how badly you really want this. If you really want it bad enough, you will follow through with it. Convince yourself that you CAN do it!!

Ever since yesterday, I am even more motivated to continue to push myself through this. There was a hurdle I had to jump over, and I did it. I still have 2 more days of this week to get through, but after seeing my ability yesterday, I’m not worried about it. The persistence and consistence is really beginning to pay off! I just can’t get over the sense of accomplishment I was feeling yesterday, and I am so looking forward to getting more of that in the near future!


2 Responses to “Fighting It”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I will start week 3 on Sunday. I was even filled with fear before I started week 2!! Thank you for your encouragement. It helps to know someone else feels the same way I’m going to press forward. Phil 4:13!!

  2. What an amazing verse, and that helps me as well! Thank you so much for sharing! Keep going at it, and you’ll do great!! Way to go on finishing Week 2!! WOOHOO!!

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