Faith and Endurance: Running the Race

Creating Dreams. Achieving Goals. Trusting God


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Here I am, in the middle of Week 4 of the Couch to 5K program! I am at the point where I am trying to keep the drive alive! Week 4 is a bit rough on me. After doing day 2, I still can’t seem to get all the way through the 5 minute jog without having to take a breather halfway through. I really am trying to push myself, but maybe those hills (even though they’re not that steep, but just enough to present a challenge) are making things a little harder. I want to conquer them so bad! Will I get all the way through on Day 3? I hope so!

So, I am trying to stay motivated by thinking about Jillian Michaels ( I think she has sort of become me heroine),  and I have actually cut out a picture of a fit woman running, and posted it on my refrigerator. Yes, I really did do that. I wanted to see if it actually would work to keep me motivated. So far, it kinda does. I see the body type I want to work toward, and I have to look at it every day to remind me of what I really am capable of. As my work outs get tougher, I am finding myself questioning why am I doing this, but I then remind myself, I want to be the healthiest and best me. I am doing this for God, for myself, my husband, and my future family. I want to set a good healthy example for my kids in the future. Because obesity runs in my family, I do not want to pass that on to my kids. I don’t want them to grow up, being made fun of for their size and struggle as I have my entire life. Kids need good social backgrounds as the grow up, and something such as obesity can hinder that greatly. If they’re not being active, they’re not as involved and usually socially outcast.

I know that a person should never be judged by how they look, but the truth is, people are mean, and it’s hard to beat society’s standards. People should be able to feel good about themselves. It helps when they have outside support who tell them over and over again how awesome they are. People begin to eventually believe what they hear repeatedly to them. If you’re surrounded by positive people, you’re going to think positive things. If you’re surrounded by negative people, you’ll think negative things. Suggestion and words alone are so incredibly powerful. They can either build a person up, or completely demolish them. Sad, but true.

I am so blessed to have the friends that I do and to help to continue to encourage me, and help keep me motivated. I am purposefully surrounding myself with positive people and people who have the same goals and struggles I do. It’s all about accountability as well. I have struggled with negativity a lot in my past, and parts of me still struggle with that. I want this to help be to be a much more positive person. I want to be a better optimist. I want to know that CAN finish this C25K program and be in the best physical shape in my life! I also want this to help with my personality and have a better outlook on life.


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