Faith and Endurance: Running the Race

Creating Dreams. Achieving Goals. Trusting God

On the Path to Success! July 7, 2010

Filed under: Achieving Goals — jenniferburton @ 10:31 am

Words cannot describe the sense of accomplishment I am feeling right now. I am having an extremely emotional moment because I just finished Week 5 Day 2 on the C25K program. Just Monday, I wasn’t sure if I could move on just yet because I had to break up my last 5 minute jog (there were 3) for minute to complete it without feeling like I was going to die.

Today, I jogged two 8 minute intervals with a 5 minute walking interval in between. The last 8 minutes was a bit tough. I questioned myself if I was going to make it, then I convinced myself that I was. I just needed to push myself up that hill, to the crest of the hill, where it was flat, with only 1:30 left to go. I was breathing hard, but I was so close to the end….then next thing I knew, my coach spoke and told me to “cool down”. I did it!! For some reason this challenge hit home for me and brought tears to my eyes. I am seeing myself achieving my goals. I am disciplining myself, conditioning my body, making it stronger, my heart healthier. I thank God for every bit of what I’m doing because He is certainly helping me through this!

Friday’s challenge is to jog for a total of 20 minutes with no walking intervals. This will be a true test of endurance. My body continues to surprise me. Just 5 weeks ago, I could barely jog all those 60 second intervals…and look at me today. I have 4 weeks left on this program. WOW! As I am writing this blog, I continue to cry over this accomplishment, out of happiness and excitement. I have come a long way for this. I know if I can do this, you can do it, too. You really have to be willing to do it, want it real bad, and most importantly, believe in yourself. Every time I conquer a new challenge, my confidence rises, and I have more faith in myself, even though the challenges get tougher each time.” Can’t” is NOT in my dictionary for this! I won’t allow it!  Don’t you allow it either!


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