Faith and Endurance: Running the Race

Creating Dreams. Achieving Goals. Trusting God

Defeated and Victorious July 9, 2010

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Well, today was the day to run the Week 5 Day 3 on Couch to 5K program. My assignment was to run for 20 solid minutes without walking. Was I successful with going the full 20 minutes? Unfortunately, no. I was a little bit disappointed. However, I do have victory in today’s run for the sheer fact that I DID run for 12 solid minutes without needing to stop! Two days ago, I ran 8. I felt that was a good jump then.

Even though I had to break up my last 8 minutes, I still complete the work out. I am questioning myself if I should try to go for the solid 20 minutes again, maybe tomorrow, or should I go ahead on the Week 6, where there are intervals again until Day 3 and see if I can make 25 minutes then. Am I ready? I know my body is getting stronger as I continue to do this, but I also need to know what I am ready for. I try to listen to it carefully to make sure I am pushing it hard enough as well as not killing myself. Even though the hills in my neighborhood aren’t that steep, they still were a challenge. My legs were beginning to feel like jell-o. I also invested in some new running shoes, which also could have helped in the matter with breaking them in. They are made a little bit heavier than my previous shoes, so that could have added some resistance.

I know that as long as I keep going, I will eventually get to where I can run without stopping period. I am more than halfway through this program, and there is no reason to give up, stop, or become disgruntled if I don’t do exactly as the program calls me to do. As long as I am persistent and doing my best, I will reach my goal.

Now that I have been running and working out at Curves, I have considered throwing in the the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in again. It’s a fabulous work out and kicks my butt every time. I have heard from others who have been doing the c25K, that DVD has helped with their endurance and stamina. I’m wondering if it will do the same for me. I may start that next week. I want to make sure I am also working all my muscle groups and getting the work outs I need to make sure I reach my goals, and not hit any plateaus. Do you think it’d be too much or should I go for it?


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