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Gay “Rights” July 19, 2010

Filed under: Off Topic Thoughts — jenniferburton @ 5:03 pm

Okay, so I know that I will probably offend some of you if you continue to read my blog. Well, if you continue to read it, then it’s your choice, and I’m putting it out there anyway. These are just my thoughts and my opinions based upon my beliefs.

I was recently reading an article about the Summer for Marriage tour, and one of the rallies taking place in Providence. Some gay activists made their existence known at this rally voicing their deserving of equality in rights of marriage and so on and so forth. There were a few videos I decided to watch, which was in response to the rally and a clip from “The View” when they discussed gay rights. I was curious what all these people had to say. Most people I have listened to on these video clips feel that gays should have equal rights to marriage, just as a heterosexual couple does. Not all agree with some public displays some gays may put on, but they’re not against gay couples. Okay, everyone has their opinion. Everyone has a right to one, and that’s fine. However, with actions beyond those opinions come consequences.

Rights….everyone has rights. This is something that came in to mind that I feel makes a valid point. The Civil Rights movement was action taking place so that black people may have equal rights with white people. It was a necessary movement because all human beings should begin with rights. I think that’s awesome that America allows every citizen to have rights from the time of birth until they do things that may strip them of that, such as maybe some criminal activity at an older age.

I just don’t understand how people who choose an alternative lifestyle feel like they should fight for rights. It was a choice and therefore, making that choice, you choose to accept the terms and conditions which come with that choice, such as “inequality”. It’s just like a students who chooses not to do their work, yet they feel they have a right to an A because they are still a student. We all know that’s not the case. If a student chooses not to do the work, then they choose not to pass. I just think it’s ironic that people who make choices feel that everyone still should cater to their wants/needs. No one should even compare the Gay Rights Movement with the Civil Rights Movement. They are totally different and separate. I think anyone who was involved in the Civil Rights Movement ought to be offended by the Gay Rights Movement/Activists. No one chooses to be black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or any other cultural background. You can’t choose WHO you are, but you can choose HOW you live. No one should have to pay for or succumb to the choices of others. Certain choices come with certain consequences, and when you make that choice, just be prepared for what is to come afterward, whether it be good or bad. If you choose to be gay, then that’s the life you choose to go for, and you shouldn’t expect to have the same “marriage” rights as heterosexuals. That was your choice. Live with it, or don’t be gay.

I personally do believe homosexuality is a choice. I believe it is a legitimate struggle that people deal with just as everyone has that one thing/target they struggle with. Some struggle with alcohol, some struggle with drugs, some struggle with pornography, etc. However, no one is born an alcoholic, drug addict, or a pervert. People can be exposed to certain things, and it becomes a constant struggle. It’s one thing to struggle with the thoughts, but it’s another to choose to act out on it.


4 Responses to “Gay “Rights””

  1. Cassie Says:

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but I just want to say this – who is to say that homosexuals choose their sexuality any more than you chose yours? You probably didn’t choose yours, just like I didn’t choose mine. There have been homosexuals for as long as there have been humans. It only became an issue with organized religion.

  2. Well…if that’s the case…did criminals only become an issue when laws were enforced?

  3. Cassie Says:

    Yeah! LOL

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