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A New Journey September 30, 2010

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I was recently at the orthopedic surgeon, getting a check-up on my ankle. My ankle has been about the same since my physical therapy sessions. In other words, no more improvements. The doctor decided to give me a steroid shot to see how it would do. However, I am scheduled this Friday for an MRI and CT scan. It looks like we’re going to do surgery to get rid of the impingement that is preventing full range of motion in my foot.

To be honest, the news of this seems bittersweet. I have been trying to train for a 5K all summer. I have struggled to stay consistent with the program since school started, but was running at least 1 or 2 times a week, along with continuing to work out at Curves.  I haven’t been able to run a solid 20 minutes yet. I had built up so much endurance over the last few months, but didn’t understand why I can’t run solid yet. The problem with my running is with my ankle, because I don’t have full range of motion, I don’t have enough spring in my step…it doesn’t give as much when I land on it. I have wondered if I did have full range it would make a difference. I know it wouldn’t feel as stiff while running. No, it doesn’t hurt, but I can tell I’m limited.

I hate the thought of needing surgery because it means I will have to go through a recovery period and more physical therapy. However, when I have the surgery, and have been fully recovered, I won’t be as limited. I wanted this year to be the year.  The year where I will lose weight and reach my goal. I am several weeks behind, and I won’t get there at the time I wanted to. But, I guess this is just another necessary step I need to take.

Another disappointing factor was that the doctor told me that I may not be able to run 5K’s fully. That kinda hurt hearing that. However, he did suggest possibly taking up biking. I love to bike, and it has been something I’ve wanted to get in to. My husband wants to do that as well. I know that there would be no impact on my ankle, and I could have something that my husband and I can do together that is active. We’ll have to invest in some bikes first, however.In the mean time, I decided I wanted to join a pilates class that will take place after school 2 days a week. I think I will increase my attendance at Curves, and maybe back off on the running for now, due to all of this.I am excited about pilates. It’s been a long time and always has been one of my favorite work outs. I still want to run some. I know there are many ways of getting fit. I just want to reach a goal that I have not been able to do before. I want to be healthy and active. God is guiding me through this journey. I just don’t know what the destination is just yet. I’m placing my faith and trust in Him, to see where He leads me. Am I meant to be a runner or not?


Insight Vs. Perspective September 13, 2010

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There is no doubt in my mind that, in God’s will, everything that happens has a purpose, a reason it happens. Having this time off from teaching in the middle of a new semester has helped me to see more of that. I think about the different reasons why God has allowed the snow fall as much as it did, to give people the time they need at home, maybe without realizing they needed it. I’m sure for some people, the reason could be to relax from stress. Others, maybe to save on expenses, such as gas. Maybe parents just needed this time to spend with their kids, as odd as it may sound, but remember God’s timing is perfect, if you allow His time and will to work in your lives. We cannot allow ourselves to be selfish enough to consider it a mere convenience to not work during the week. There is always a purpose, and God has allowed us the knowledge and wisdom, as well as free will to try to figure that out, to learn more about Him and the way He works in each of our lives. He is the Ultimate Teacher of ALL.
As I continue to consider this, I have often thought about my job and career as a teacher. I know things may get rough, and I’m praying that God will continue to guide me in the right direction, of what He has designed me to do. There is no doubt in my mind that God has given me a heart to teach, but teach what or whom, exactly? I know that right now I am where I am supposed be, a middle school teacher, educating the future, and being the best influence I know how to be. The question is, what does the future hold? Of course, none us really know about our future. If we did, then there would be no purpose of faith, as well as our reliance on God. We need to remember that we need God. God doesn’t need us, but He keeps us because He created us and loves us.
I have considered alternate career choices, but ironically enough, they all still factor in teaching. I’ve considered nutrition science. There, I get to TEACH people how to take care of their bodies. Yes, interior design did cross my mind, thanks to some friends, but there I also get to TEACH people how to coordinate their home and maximize their space. There have been a few other career options I have considered. I even thought of full-time missions. I get to teach the Word of God to those who have yet to hear of Him.
With all these being considered, I realize that God has given EVERYONE a heart to teach. All of us are teachers, as well as learners. We teach each other how to play the game of life. Parents teach their children how to become adults. Friends teach each other how to be loyal. Strangers teach us not to judge one another on a whim. It’s amazing to see how we are all connected through a world of teaching and learning. It’s like a domino effect. It has to start with the very first One…who would be God, and to spread like wildfire to everyone else. However, if there is too large of a gap from one person to the next, then that next person is too far out of reach to be touched.
We need to keep learning, so that we can keep teaching each other, to keep others within reach. This is God’s command, to study and teach of His Word, but teach out of love, and not out of hatred or bitterness. God wants us to continue to spread His love throughout, no matter the circumstances. He wants us to keep Him in perspective. Remember when things go wrong, always think about what is God going to do to make this come out good? What is God preparing for me to learn, so that I may teach others in similar situations?
Life has the tendency to take a toll on us, as things get crazier and seemingly out of control,but we need to remember that God always has control, for as long as you allow Him to keep in control.
As I read 2 Timothy again…it’s amazing to see how it applies.