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A New Journey September 30, 2010

Filed under: Trusting God — jenniferburton @ 7:33 am

I was recently at the orthopedic surgeon, getting a check-up on my ankle. My ankle has been about the same since my physical therapy sessions. In other words, no more improvements. The doctor decided to give me a steroid shot to see how it would do. However, I am scheduled this Friday for an MRI and CT scan. It looks like we’re going to do surgery to get rid of the impingement that is preventing full range of motion in my foot.

To be honest, the news of this seems bittersweet. I have been trying to train for a 5K all summer. I have struggled to stay consistent with the program since school started, but was running at least 1 or 2 times a week, along with continuing to work out at Curves.  I haven’t been able to run a solid 20 minutes yet. I had built up so much endurance over the last few months, but didn’t understand why I can’t run solid yet. The problem with my running is with my ankle, because I don’t have full range of motion, I don’t have enough spring in my step…it doesn’t give as much when I land on it. I have wondered if I did have full range it would make a difference. I know it wouldn’t feel as stiff while running. No, it doesn’t hurt, but I can tell I’m limited.

I hate the thought of needing surgery because it means I will have to go through a recovery period and more physical therapy. However, when I have the surgery, and have been fully recovered, I won’t be as limited. I wanted this year to be the year.  The year where I will lose weight and reach my goal. I am several weeks behind, and I won’t get there at the time I wanted to. But, I guess this is just another necessary step I need to take.

Another disappointing factor was that the doctor told me that I may not be able to run 5K’s fully. That kinda hurt hearing that. However, he did suggest possibly taking up biking. I love to bike, and it has been something I’ve wanted to get in to. My husband wants to do that as well. I know that there would be no impact on my ankle, and I could have something that my husband and I can do together that is active. We’ll have to invest in some bikes first, however.In the mean time, I decided I wanted to join a pilates class that will take place after school 2 days a week. I think I will increase my attendance at Curves, and maybe back off on the running for now, due to all of this.I am excited about pilates. It’s been a long time and always has been one of my favorite work outs. I still want to run some. I know there are many ways of getting fit. I just want to reach a goal that I have not been able to do before. I want to be healthy and active. God is guiding me through this journey. I just don’t know what the destination is just yet. I’m placing my faith and trust in Him, to see where He leads me. Am I meant to be a runner or not?


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