Faith and Endurance: Running the Race

Creating Dreams. Achieving Goals. Trusting God

FREEDOM!! March 2, 2011

Filed under: Achieving Goals — jenniferburton @ 9:14 pm

Today was quite invigorating. I really needed it, especially having the stressful day I had yesterday. It was a great day at school. My students were great, but the icing on the cake was that I restarted the Couch 2 5K program! I made it through, without any repercussions from my ankle! This was the first time I actually ran on my ankle since my surgery from 3 months ago. It was quite freeing, and I felt so amazing afterward! I had been itching to run the last month or so because it had been so long. The cold weather wasn’t helping either. Thank God for the awesome weather and allowing me to make it through! Now I am hoping that I will be able to be consistent with running to build my endurance back up, and my ankle is able to handle it.

I know that today my ankle was wanting to say something to me, but bit its tongue. For that, I am thankful. But I guess we’ll see if it’ll have anything to say tomorrow.  So, please continue to pray for me that my ankle continues to get stronger to be able to endure this active lifestyle I am trying to maintain. I am dying to achieve the goal of running a 5K, maybe a few 5K’s, but eventually, I want to go for the half marathon. I need to achieve something 100%. I’m tired of being almost there, and then coming just short of my goal and never seem to be able to get there. Just like graduating college just below a 3.5 GPA, just like losing a lot of weight, but not getting to my goal weight. I was once withing 9 pounds of getting there…but never made it. This seems to be a repeating pattern for me. So, please pray for me.


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