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Working On It September 26, 2012

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August, then September photo. No real visual progress yet.

Well, I haven’t made much progress in the last month, as I had originally intended. I have hit some bumps along the way. But, I have overall gotten better about my eating again, as well as my water consumption, in which that alone has started to make a difference in my energy levels. I’ve also finally started exercising. It’s nothing too vigorous yet, but it’s something. I know every little bit helps, and I know what little I am doing, including house work, is also contributing to my energy levels. I’m feeling overall better, even though I still have my down moments. But I guess that’s part of the territory. 

I’ve decided that I’m going to take “progress pictures” of myself on the 26th of each month, which is the day of the month my son was born, that way it’s easier for me to remember when I took the last picture. I really couldn’t remember the date of my last photo. But hopefully this will work. 

In the mean time, I’m trying to think of creative ways to work out while staying at home with my son, especially since I don’t have a way to get anywhere. I know walking around the complex is start, even though the scenery is a little less than exciting, and not quite as nice and convenient (sidewalk wise) as my previous neighborhood. But I just need to suck it up and make do with what I have. I came home today from my walk, and I decided to get the Yoga ball out and do some crunches, along with some wall sits. I hope I can motivate myself to continue to pursue this even further along the way. I do talk to or make faces at Micah in the process, so I can try to entertain him at the same time. I thought about doing push ups (I really hate push ups) and give him kisses every time I go down, but with my lack of upper body strength, I decided that may not be the best idea yet, as I would probably fall on him lol. I don’t want to squish my 5 month old. 

But, I guess a little progress is some progress, and it’s better than nothing. Nothing gets you absolutely no where, and a little bit gets you at least somewhere, even though it may not be very far. I’ll admit. It actually felt great to sweat toady, as it was a much warmer day today than the previous few days. I just gotta stay persistent and keep pushing myself every day. Making good decisions one day at a time will add up before I know it. 


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