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15 Pounds down (month 2)- 100 to 30 February 22, 2013

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Oh, my! I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last entry! I apologize for the long wait! Anyway, you can see I am making progress. I have dropped 15 pounds so far. I am using much of the Melaleuca products to help. However, I have taken more than a week off from vigorous workouts, partly because I was getting bored with the Biggest Loser Kinect, partly because I felt I needed a break, and other part is because the last workout killed me, and I hate getting up at 5 am. I enjoy early mornings…but 6:00 am is where I like to draw the line. I just don’t like getting up while it’s still dark. But, I know if I want it bad enough, I’ll put on my big girl panties and keep at it. A work out it a work out. Even though my desire is to go to the gym so I have more variety and choices (going by my mood), I just can’t afford it right now, and this is my only option for the time being. I gotta suck it up. At least I am eating healthier more consistently, taking my Oligo vitamins, which help a lot. And now that my son is crawling, I am definitely using some energy in chasing him around the house to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself (baby proofing is in the near future when we get the funds). 

As far as the weight loss goes…I’m not sure if 15 lbs is enough to make a marked difference in my physical appearance to most people. I feel like I can see a difference in the mirror. A couple of people told me the can tell…however to put things in perspective, 15 lbs may not seem like much to many, but a friend asked me if I’ve ever seen a 15 lb bag of potatoes. Uuuhhh…Whoa! That’s a lot of potatoes! So, that really made my day! I hope to those who read this and are on the same journey as I, that this helps to boost your confidence. Even though I’ve slacked in my workouts (even trying to get a walk in has been difficult due to weather) at least keeping healthy food choices is still a step forward. Most of your weight loss is in what you consume. What you burn just helps to speed the process and tone your body. It’s all about the calorie differential. It doesn’t matter what you do, something is always better than nothing 🙂