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100 to 30: Week 2, Day 3 January 16, 2013

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6 lbs gone in week 1

6 lbs gone in week 1

So far I have lost 6 lbs into my new journey. I am feeling pretty good so far. I know I probably pushed myself a little too hard in the first week, but I did get some results. I did take 3 days rest, without intention, but I was able to continue to watch what I ate in the process. Maybe it’s in my head, but I feel my body changing already. Maybe it is in actuality. With this being my second week, I am finding some difficulty in decided how many times a week or day I should work out. I know I should start out lighter and build up so that I don’t burn out too easily. However, I want to be sure I am pushing my body to its fullest potential in performance. I have worked out Monday and Tuesday this week, getting out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. It is really the best time I know I can fit in an exercise routine. However this morning, even though my alarm did go off, I was debating whether or not to take a rest day and start again tomorrow. I ended up not working out this morning. I had the intention of taking the car today to run errands, but time got away from us, so my husband has the car, and I stayed at home. I may still have the opportunity to go for a brisk walk this afternoon, weather permitting. I know I need to work on some chores around the house, and that counts as activity.

I really try to listen to my body, but it’s not always the easiest task to accomplish. I know right now I’m feeling my glutes from the past 2 days with The Biggest Loser on Kinect. 

On another note, I was finally able to order the Weight Loss Core Pack from Melaleuca, a great and green company I shop with. I am so excited to begin this program officially and see what results I endure in 10 weeks’ time. It’s a pretty easy and specific plan to follow, and most of it is common sense. I will receive the package, probably tomorrow afternoon, as my orders do come quickly, which is a great perk with this company. In the meantime I did renew my subscription to, utilizing their “Clean Eating Plan” to save at the grocery as well as continue to eat healthy and clean with a variety of recipes offered. It does get old eating the same things over and over again. I knew I had better results eating clean than anything else I’ve tried. I am getting rid of artificial sweeteners, margarines, etc. and sticking with the real stuff. My body just cannot properly process and digest all these chemically processed and enhanced foods. It wasn’t meant to. I’ll be so glad to detox my body as I continue to gradually change out my pantry.

So, as far as today goes, I guess I am just playing it by ear. I don’t know what all I’ll end up doing. My original plans went down the chute, and we’ll see what ends up happening. I know I’ll get some cleaning and organizing done, as well as some playing with my 8 1/2 month old son. He’s at a really fun age right now.  But as far as an actual work out, we’ll see. It’s not me giving up or being lazy, I don’t think. This is just me trying to be smart. Am I?

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Melaleuca Weight Loss Challenge January 9, 2013

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I have decided to enter Melaleuca’s 10 week weight loss challenge. I am so excited. I can’t wait to get their weight loss core pack to really get going. I need to lose at least 10% of my weight to qualify to win. That means I need to lose at least 26 pounds. I think that’s doable in 10 or more weeks. I know that the final results need to be submitted no later than April 15. That’s PLENTY of timeSo, in that regard I will need to do another “before picture right away”, which I have included in this blog. Then I’ll need to do an “after” picture at the end of the 10 weeks and see the difference in my body. Pray for me on continued strength and success on this amazing journey 🙂 What a great way to add to my 100 to 30 project.

Again, nothing has really changed from the last photos in a previous post, other than I added a few pounds. I’m excited to see my results 🙂

Taken January 9, 2012

Taken January 9, 2012


Week 1: Day 1 January 7, 2013

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Today was an overall productive day, especially being DAY 1. I managed to get myself out of bed between 5:00 and 5:30. I had set my phone to the most annoying alarm I could find so I would quit hitting the snooze at some point. I began with my Melaleuca Access bar to aid in my work out. I did The Biggest Loser on Kinect and burned over 100 Calories. I did a challenge and the a 20 minute Pilates session. Afterward I was having trouble with the settings of the game, so that is something I’ll need to continue to try to fix. I hope it doesn’t give me problems tomorrow as I make an attempt to work out again in the morning. 

I was able to get a lot of laundry done, most of what was left over from when we were in KY for several days, visiting family. So, I was glad to be productive around the house. I actually had a good amount of energy, and I felt great after my morning work out. I also managed to get in a 41 minute brisk walk, with Micah in the stroller. It actually ended up being my best time. I have no idea how I ended up going that fast. We’ll see if/when I can match that and do better in the near future. I was quite proud of myself. 

So, as far as energy I did pretty well. I did hit a little slump in the early afternoon, wanting to nap, but I managed through. My biggest issue today was my hunger and food cravings. I’m trying so hard to control them. I am trying to eat smaller meals and snack between each meal, with a healthy snack. But, I HAD to have lunch at 10:50 today because I was just starving for some reason. I held off as long as I could. But I wasn’t really hungry until much later after that, which I was surprised as well as grateful. I ate a mix of raw almonds and dried cranberries before my walk and ate an apple sometime afterwards, before fixing dinner. Jon and I are still working on Christmas leftovers in the freezer. I am trying to be smart about it, being careful to consume only so much at a time and not go over my calories. Tonight I baked a couple of small chicken breasts and reheated some leftover mashed potatoes (no butter). It turned out to be pretty good. At the end of the day, I’m still in my calorie range!

Going through the motions of the day, I had many cravings for various things. I realize it is seemingly much harder to control your food intake being a SAHM than if you were working. The food is easily and readily available for any time. I am working hard to control those cravings and “hunger”. I have been able to successfully increase my water intake to help with that. But sometimes..I’m just hungry.

The hardest part about most of anything is getting started. And that is the point where I am currently, in the beginning. I’m at the hardest part. I know once my momentum gets going, it’ll become part of my lifestyle again…go back to my old self. I can’t wait for that. But I know in order to succeed, to achieve your goals, you have to earn them. There is no magic pill. I have to work hard to undo the damage I have done to myself. I would say I’m off to a good start so far. I’m trying not to do too much at once to where I get burned out, but at the same time make significant progress to get myself on the right track right away. I am praying and determined the rest of the week go well. I look forward to my first official weigh in at the end of the week to see what progress I have made. Please continue to pray for me on this journey. So far, I think God has been at my side by having me not really feel the need for coffee all that much. I’m actually a little burned out on it. IMAGINE THAT! That’s actually a miracle! I want it every so often, but I’m really enjoying my hot tea as an alternative. Next I would love to not crave chocolate, sweets, or any other junk food. I know a detox would help with that, but I currently don’t have the means. Maybe in the near future I will get to. But now is not the right time, unfortunately. 

I really appreciate all my friends and family cheering me along with my progress. I hope I will be able to make more friends in the process. I have been inspired and hope to inspire others :). Until next time, God bless.


100 to 30- New Journey, New Goal January 4, 2013

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I have a problem. A huge problem. I have completely lost my will power. I thought I was ready to lose weight again in the past, but the truth is I wasn’t. I wasn’t doing much to truly hold myself accountable. Now I’m trying a new start in the new year. I want to do 2013 right. On January 30 this year, I will turn 29. My last year in the 20’s. I have begun dreading turning 30 because I loved my 20’s so much. I have decided that I needed to spend this year, leaving my twenties and entering my thirties with a bang. I need to get rid of this weight that I promised myself I would never take on again. I need to lose at least 100 pounds by my 30th birthday.

Obviously I broke that promise. I haven’t weighed this much since my senior year in high school. I have lost 80-90 pounds in 10 months before. Surely I can do it again. I know it’s going to be much tougher. As I returned home from being out of town, I was faced with so much temptation and overwhelmed by the holiday aftermath. I’m still working on it. I was gifted a lot of chocolate and there are leftovers in the freezer waiting to be consumed. I just know I need to find ways to be creative in preparing these leftovers and chocolate without overdoing it. I can’t afford to let it go to waste.

One of the changes I knew I needed to make was to eat cleaner. I will have to do the best I can with what I have. I am attempting to start making my own wheat bread to use for sandwiches, so that it saves money as well as maintain health. I know what goes in it. 

The second change..well..a habit I am trying to develop, as well as my first goal. I want to start by waking up at 5/5:30 am to work out because that is just the best time of the day. I have The Biggest Loser on Kinect, so I have something. My first goal is to maintain this on a 3 day a week schedule and walk at least 30 minutes every day. So that means 3 days out of the week, I get in 2 workouts. 

I am also hoping to renew my membership at FBC next door. They do not have childcare, so I will need to go first thing in the morning before my husband leaves for work. It is the cheapest solution, and I do much better in the gym than any place else. 

I also want to continue to find ways to eat healthy on a budget. It’s not the easiest thing to do, as coupons for fresh produce are hard to come by. Right now we have a plethora of canned goods that Jon and I will need to use up because it will help us save money, and surely it won’t kill us to eat on the canned veggies and fruits. Hopefully by the time we reach the end of it, we can buy frozen vegetables. Fresh is my favorite, but it is more costly, until summer when most produce is in season. 

I have also slacked off on the amount of water I drank throughout the day. I need to change that now, and I am working on it, as well as reducing the amount of coffee I drink and replacing it with healthy hot teas. Thank goodness for the Teavana collection I’ve had for a while. 

These are my goals. So, how successful have I been since I’ve been home?

Well…it hasn’t been easy. I did go over my calories yesterday. Not my too much I don’t think. But enough to not try to do it again. In the winter, it’s hard not to crave and want creamy, cheesy, bready comfort foods. Plus, with me being home all day with the baby, I’m surrounded by it. I try to keep my mind off of it with house work, but that’s not easy either. It’s the fact I know it’s there, and it’s easily accessible. But, that is a demon I must conquer and gain control. 

Today has been better, somewhat. It’s Jon’s birthday, so I did cook him a breakfast, which was organic buckwheat waffles and turkey sausage. It was a little high in calories, but overall a healthy breakfast. I used little syrup. I usually don’t like that much syrup anyway, thank goodness. This is also day 2 of NO COFFEE! I have done well. I’m proud of myself on that. My mom came by to take me out, and we did end up eating lunch at Casa Vieja. I ate only a few chips while waiting on my food, which is another accomplishment, and I ordered one of the healthiest items on the menu, authentic tacos. It was grilled chicken, cilantro, onion, and avocado on a corn tortilla. No cheese. Yeah, that’s another thing I’m working on. reducing my dairy intake. 

So, overall these are my goals. i need to lose 100 pounds by my 30th birthday. I need to make lifestyle changes..again. I’ve done this before, I can do it again. It’ll be a slow start, but I will build my endurance and agility again, as long as I remain persistent. So, here is the beginning of the rest of my life…



Working On It September 26, 2012

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August, then September photo. No real visual progress yet.

Well, I haven’t made much progress in the last month, as I had originally intended. I have hit some bumps along the way. But, I have overall gotten better about my eating again, as well as my water consumption, in which that alone has started to make a difference in my energy levels. I’ve also finally started exercising. It’s nothing too vigorous yet, but it’s something. I know every little bit helps, and I know what little I am doing, including house work, is also contributing to my energy levels. I’m feeling overall better, even though I still have my down moments. But I guess that’s part of the territory. 

I’ve decided that I’m going to take “progress pictures” of myself on the 26th of each month, which is the day of the month my son was born, that way it’s easier for me to remember when I took the last picture. I really couldn’t remember the date of my last photo. But hopefully this will work. 

In the mean time, I’m trying to think of creative ways to work out while staying at home with my son, especially since I don’t have a way to get anywhere. I know walking around the complex is start, even though the scenery is a little less than exciting, and not quite as nice and convenient (sidewalk wise) as my previous neighborhood. But I just need to suck it up and make do with what I have. I came home today from my walk, and I decided to get the Yoga ball out and do some crunches, along with some wall sits. I hope I can motivate myself to continue to pursue this even further along the way. I do talk to or make faces at Micah in the process, so I can try to entertain him at the same time. I thought about doing push ups (I really hate push ups) and give him kisses every time I go down, but with my lack of upper body strength, I decided that may not be the best idea yet, as I would probably fall on him lol. I don’t want to squish my 5 month old. 

But, I guess a little progress is some progress, and it’s better than nothing. Nothing gets you absolutely no where, and a little bit gets you at least somewhere, even though it may not be very far. I’ll admit. It actually felt great to sweat toady, as it was a much warmer day today than the previous few days. I just gotta stay persistent and keep pushing myself every day. Making good decisions one day at a time will add up before I know it. 


Tired of Being Tired September 14, 2012

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This week has been hopefully the beginning of my FINAL new life. I began drinking at least a gallon of water each day, to properly hydrate myself, and to help aide in weight loss. Since I began on Monday, I hadd lost 5 pounds, then I gained 1 just this morning. Of course, I had a night out, and there weren’t many healthy options in food, so I tried to keep what I ate to a minimum. Oh, well I can lose it back, right? I know I need to keep the mindset of continuing to move forward while preventing any back-stepping, for as long as I could help it. 

Then today, I thought I was going to have a good amount of energy. I ate a healthy breakfast, drank some green tea along with it, then for lunch I had a VERY healthy salad and a little soup (which was also very healthy). I spent the early afternoon out with my mom, but when we returned, I felt rather fatigued. Fatigue has been my ultimate enemy in getting anything done around the house, even though I try to fight it. I used to be able to keep going throughout the day without the need for naps, up until i got pregnant. And even 4.5 months post partum, I still have a hard time finding the energy I used to have. 

I have also been trying to eat as healthy as I can, budget allowing. It’s not easy. We were given some food, which is not the healthiest, and when we can’t make a trip to the store, that’s all we have. It’s really disappointing and embarrassing. 

My will power is also seemingly weaker than it used to be. I feel I cave much more easily than I used to. How was I so strong before? How did I make it through with hardly any support, nor any accountability before? I feel I need so much more of that now, and the one person, who I rely on the most, is not stepping up to the plate, like I want him to. How can I defeat this? How can I get him on the same page as me? What can I do to motivate him? I feel I have done everything, trying various methods, and NOTHING seems to work. He’s just not as committed as I want to be, but I need him by my side the most. 

I’m just feeling a bit down because I have consumed a lot of water, consumed a good amount of calories for the day so far, and I still feel hungry, or deprived of something. I’m not sure what it is. I feel weak, and tired. I just don’t remember it being this hard before. 

It also doesn’t help that when my mother visited me today, she decided to record video of me playing with my son. As I watched the playback, I was reminded of how much I let myself go, and I was completely disgusted with myself. How did I let myself get back to square one? Where I was in high school? I keep reliving the horrors I went through being this size. I’m even ASHAMED to be in public most of the time, because people have seen me lose the weight before, and I just let it all go. And I feel like when I meet new people, I have to justify my weight gain and show proof that I was once a size 10 at 159 pounds, I guess trying to prove to them that I can be attractive, because I’ve been there before. 

I just feel I have lost my spark, and I’m trying to find it again. I have eaten and lazed myself back to the VERY beginning, a place I vowed I never would return to. I’ve broken that. 

I guess it’s a good thing I recently made a new friend, who is trying to achieve many of the same goals I am. We are in very similar situations, so we can relate. I am thankful God has lead me to her. I do hope this friendship will continue to bloom and grow throughout the coming days. Accountability is so important to me right now, and I need more than just a “good job” when I complete a work out or a household chore. I need someone standing by my side, cheering me along, and not enabling my weaknesses. And I want to cheer someone along, especially that person by my side.

When it comes to eating with your loved ones, it’s like having a drink in front of an alcoholic. You tell them you are proud of them and support them, yet you continue to keep temptation within reach of your loved one(s), to a point they could easily stumble, and they have to start all over again. I know that temptation will be out there regardless, but for the ones who are closest to you, why would you do that? Doing that says you really don’t care at all, for them or yourself. 

I know my emotions are just all over the place in this post, and it probably doesn’t flow too well, as thoughts just kept coming to me in the process of writing this blog. I was just basically feeling a bit frustrated and down, disgusted with myself. I know that I can pick up the ball and get there again. It’s just going to much more difficult than it was before, because I was there before. I don’t have the endurance I used to. I don’t have quite the energy, and I’m 10 years older, so age could play a factor. I need help in staying committed to achieving my goals. 

Thanks for listening.


And So It Begins July 17, 2012

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Today was the second day of actually working out. I’m not talking about just going for a walk, which I did do that today, too, however I’m talking about a real workout. I am challenging myself to complete the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I hope and pray I am able to stick to it. I know when we go to Jackson in 2 weeks, that might put a speed bump in the middle of it, but I guess that’s okay. We’ll are planning to take Micah to the Memphis zoo anyway, so at least I’ll get something in. 

Starting over has been rough. I don’t have near the endurance I used to have, which makes me sad, and that is probably one of the reasons why it’s so much harder starting again. I know what it’s like to have the endurance and to be smaller and so forth. I’ve already been there, so in my mind I want to be instant. Of course, who doesn’t? However, I know its retraining myself to be a healthy eater again, to recondition my body. I hated I let myself go in the last year. I know I gain weight way too easily, which is a total bummer. But, I guess the attitude I need to have is what’s done is done. The only thing I can do now is to fix it, to move on, rather than wallow in it and not do anything about it and continue to feel sorry for myself. That’s the mood I’m in today anyway. Trying to lose weight and get healthy will sure put someone on an emotional roller coaster, and that’s not any easier with someone who just had a baby almost 3 months ago. But I know I can do it. 

So, many of you have already seen the picture I have posted on here, but I am putting it on here for my blog’s sake. I have printed some pictures of myself to hang around the house. I have the fat version of me and the skinny version of me as a motivational tool. I do love that I don’t have to post pictures of someone else…because to me, it’s symbolic for me to be me. To look like myself…the healthy, fit version of myself. 

It’s funny that even though I was once 159 pounds…9 pounds from my goal weight at the time, I still felt like I wasn’t really “thin”. I knew I was healthier and I was a size 10, but I wasn’t toned. That was my thought then. I look back at it now and think wow! I was tiny! It’s crazy how much your perspective can change, depending on where you are. plan is to lose at least 100 pounds. My ultimate goal weight is 145 lbs. I probably could be happy at 150, but we’ll see. The journey will be tough, and it is tough, but well worth it.

This is me from left to right in years 2001, 2008, and 2012.