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I Have to Keep Trucking February 3, 2014

I came very very close to earning my FitBit Flex. I actually thought I had it, but circumstances happened out of my control. I was very upset at this news because I felt the FitBit would really help me in my weight loss goals to more accurately track everything. So, my plan B is to somehow find a way to save enough money to purchase one because I want one that bad. I feel like I need it. However, at least in the process I was able to help more families to create a healthier home for themselves. I received some words of encouragement, and I just need to move on and keep trucking. The Melaleuca weight loss challenge began on Saturday, and the Gold’s Gym 12 week challenge began today. I did gain about 3 lbs over the last few days in the midst of celebrating my 30th birthday and hosting a Super Bowl Party. I did make several items from the Lose Weight by Eating site to help create a healthier selection for myself and everyone around me without sacrificing flavor. My husband approved of everything, which is a big deal. Even though most items were pretty healthy, I still over ate and now I need to work it off. This morning I did a group fitness class at Gold’s Gym. I felt like jelly afterward, but I made it through, and even though I could really feel the burn, and I wanted to give up in the moment, I look forward to the next class, because these classes are helping me change my life. With being a single car family, I am still trying to workout a workout schedule. Probably the best thing for me is to have a Plan A and Plan B in place for each day. Plan A in hopes of having the car, and then Plan B for when I don’t. I just have to keep thinking about what motivates me to be and do my best to win these challenges. The biggest reward is my life change, however the monetary rewards are pretty motivating as well because let’s face it, I need the money. Don’t most people? However I do hope I am able to inspire and motivate others along the way. 


Ready, Set, Go! January 27, 2014

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This past weekend I finally met with a trainer for my free session I get for buying a Gold’s Gym membership. I had learned some interesting things I’ve never heard before in my 12 years of researching health and wellness. He showed me some pretty good workouts to challenge my muscles. Then the next day I went in for my weigh in and measurements, as well as my “before” picture, to partake in the 12 Week Challenge. So far, I have lost 2 lbs this week, which is awesome. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my food and fitness/gym. I know there will be days I will hate it, and I will resist, however I know I must PERSIST. My only fear is not pushing myself properly. I’m not entirely sure how to push/challenge myself anymore. At least with the 12 Week Challenge, there will be workshops and a coach to help me through. So, I’m sure I will get much use from those services as well as reap some awesome benefits, of course as long as I PERSIST. After a couple of weeks of going to the gym at least 3 times per week, I’m already feeling better, more confident, though. My moods are better, and my energy is improving. It is getting easier to wake up at 5:00/5:30 am when my alarm goes off. It’s amazing how much a difference it quickly makes. My sleep is beginning to improve some, as long as my toddler stays in his own bed all night. I am very much looking forward to increased improvements in my overall health as I continue this journey. Melaleuca is helping as well, with their shakes and exercise bars to help me endure my workouts longer and better, as well as keeping my blood sugar level throughout the day. I’m still working to earn my FitBit Flex for free to help me through this. If you would like to know how you can earn a FitBit Flex at no extra cost ($100 value) and join me on this journey to better health, then let me know. I would love to show you. I know the FitBit will make a world of difference in keeping track with calories and sleep. If you already have a FitBit, please share your experiences with it. How has it helped you?


15 Pounds down (month 2)- 100 to 30 February 22, 2013

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Oh, my! I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last entry! I apologize for the long wait! Anyway, you can see I am making progress. I have dropped 15 pounds so far. I am using much of the Melaleuca products to help. However, I have taken more than a week off from vigorous workouts, partly because I was getting bored with the Biggest Loser Kinect, partly because I felt I needed a break, and other part is because the last workout killed me, and I hate getting up at 5 am. I enjoy early mornings…but 6:00 am is where I like to draw the line. I just don’t like getting up while it’s still dark. But, I know if I want it bad enough, I’ll put on my big girl panties and keep at it. A work out it a work out. Even though my desire is to go to the gym so I have more variety and choices (going by my mood), I just can’t afford it right now, and this is my only option for the time being. I gotta suck it up. At least I am eating healthier more consistently, taking my Oligo vitamins, which help a lot. And now that my son is crawling, I am definitely using some energy in chasing him around the house to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself (baby proofing is in the near future when we get the funds). 

As far as the weight loss goes…I’m not sure if 15 lbs is enough to make a marked difference in my physical appearance to most people. I feel like I can see a difference in the mirror. A couple of people told me the can tell…however to put things in perspective, 15 lbs may not seem like much to many, but a friend asked me if I’ve ever seen a 15 lb bag of potatoes. Uuuhhh…Whoa! That’s a lot of potatoes! So, that really made my day! I hope to those who read this and are on the same journey as I, that this helps to boost your confidence. Even though I’ve slacked in my workouts (even trying to get a walk in has been difficult due to weather) at least keeping healthy food choices is still a step forward. Most of your weight loss is in what you consume. What you burn just helps to speed the process and tone your body. It’s all about the calorie differential. It doesn’t matter what you do, something is always better than nothing 🙂


Week 3, Day 2 January 22, 2013

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I can confidently say I am making progress. I have lost another 2 lbs so far, making a total of 8 lbs. I was finally able to begin the Melaleuca weight loss plan the other day, and I am very pleased with the way I am feeling throughout the day, as well as the energy I have. I have had a little difficulty getting up early the past couple of mornings, but part of that was staying up a little too late. I am working on adjusting my sleep schedule so that I go to bed at a decent time to assure adequate sleep to maintain energy and so forth throughout the day. 

I was able to get up this morning and perform quite a work out with The Biggest Loser on Kinect. Jillian kicked my butt in a few areas. I couldn’t do the full move on a few sets, but I did manage to modify to do what I could. I burned over 400 calories with the workout routine, plus the challenge for the day. I enjoy the variety The Biggest Loser gives you throughout the week so that you are not doing the same thing all the time. That gets old very quickly. 

Even though my progress has slowed some in the last week, I know I started well, and hope to do better this week, and the weeks to come. I know there will be ups and downs, but I am prepared to continue to do my best each day to continue to journey toward my goals. Each day is a step forward, closer to my goal. 

It’s also been really helpful to have a team of friends who are with me every step of the way. They have been encouraging, comforting, and knowledgeable to help me achieve my goals. Something as big as what I’m doing is very difficult to do by yourself. So, I really appreciate the accountability with the small sense of competition involved. I am a very competitive person, so that does keep me motivated to keep going. This is just the beginning of the third week, but I can already tell my body is getting stronger and healthier. If I keep this up, I’ll be back to running in no time, something I very much look forward to in the near future. I’ve had a goal to run the 1/2 Country Music Marathon by the time I was 30…well..I’ll be 30 in a year. I can still achieve that goal. I have time. But I am hoping to at least be able to do some 5Ks this fall. That’s one accomplishment I have been trying to get to for a few years now. Daggommit I’m determined to actually do it this time!


100 to 30: Week 2, Day 3 January 16, 2013

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6 lbs gone in week 1

6 lbs gone in week 1

So far I have lost 6 lbs into my new journey. I am feeling pretty good so far. I know I probably pushed myself a little too hard in the first week, but I did get some results. I did take 3 days rest, without intention, but I was able to continue to watch what I ate in the process. Maybe it’s in my head, but I feel my body changing already. Maybe it is in actuality. With this being my second week, I am finding some difficulty in decided how many times a week or day I should work out. I know I should start out lighter and build up so that I don’t burn out too easily. However, I want to be sure I am pushing my body to its fullest potential in performance. I have worked out Monday and Tuesday this week, getting out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. It is really the best time I know I can fit in an exercise routine. However this morning, even though my alarm did go off, I was debating whether or not to take a rest day and start again tomorrow. I ended up not working out this morning. I had the intention of taking the car today to run errands, but time got away from us, so my husband has the car, and I stayed at home. I may still have the opportunity to go for a brisk walk this afternoon, weather permitting. I know I need to work on some chores around the house, and that counts as activity.

I really try to listen to my body, but it’s not always the easiest task to accomplish. I know right now I’m feeling my glutes from the past 2 days with The Biggest Loser on Kinect. 

On another note, I was finally able to order the Weight Loss Core Pack from Melaleuca, a great and green company I shop with. I am so excited to begin this program officially and see what results I endure in 10 weeks’ time. It’s a pretty easy and specific plan to follow, and most of it is common sense. I will receive the package, probably tomorrow afternoon, as my orders do come quickly, which is a great perk with this company. In the meantime I did renew my subscription to, utilizing their “Clean Eating Plan” to save at the grocery as well as continue to eat healthy and clean with a variety of recipes offered. It does get old eating the same things over and over again. I knew I had better results eating clean than anything else I’ve tried. I am getting rid of artificial sweeteners, margarines, etc. and sticking with the real stuff. My body just cannot properly process and digest all these chemically processed and enhanced foods. It wasn’t meant to. I’ll be so glad to detox my body as I continue to gradually change out my pantry.

So, as far as today goes, I guess I am just playing it by ear. I don’t know what all I’ll end up doing. My original plans went down the chute, and we’ll see what ends up happening. I know I’ll get some cleaning and organizing done, as well as some playing with my 8 1/2 month old son. He’s at a really fun age right now.  But as far as an actual work out, we’ll see. It’s not me giving up or being lazy, I don’t think. This is just me trying to be smart. Am I?

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Melaleuca Weight Loss Challenge January 9, 2013

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I have decided to enter Melaleuca’s 10 week weight loss challenge. I am so excited. I can’t wait to get their weight loss core pack to really get going. I need to lose at least 10% of my weight to qualify to win. That means I need to lose at least 26 pounds. I think that’s doable in 10 or more weeks. I know that the final results need to be submitted no later than April 15. That’s PLENTY of timeSo, in that regard I will need to do another “before picture right away”, which I have included in this blog. Then I’ll need to do an “after” picture at the end of the 10 weeks and see the difference in my body. Pray for me on continued strength and success on this amazing journey 🙂 What a great way to add to my 100 to 30 project.

Again, nothing has really changed from the last photos in a previous post, other than I added a few pounds. I’m excited to see my results 🙂

Taken January 9, 2012

Taken January 9, 2012


Week 1: Day 1 January 7, 2013

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Today was an overall productive day, especially being DAY 1. I managed to get myself out of bed between 5:00 and 5:30. I had set my phone to the most annoying alarm I could find so I would quit hitting the snooze at some point. I began with my Melaleuca Access bar to aid in my work out. I did The Biggest Loser on Kinect and burned over 100 Calories. I did a challenge and the a 20 minute Pilates session. Afterward I was having trouble with the settings of the game, so that is something I’ll need to continue to try to fix. I hope it doesn’t give me problems tomorrow as I make an attempt to work out again in the morning. 

I was able to get a lot of laundry done, most of what was left over from when we were in KY for several days, visiting family. So, I was glad to be productive around the house. I actually had a good amount of energy, and I felt great after my morning work out. I also managed to get in a 41 minute brisk walk, with Micah in the stroller. It actually ended up being my best time. I have no idea how I ended up going that fast. We’ll see if/when I can match that and do better in the near future. I was quite proud of myself. 

So, as far as energy I did pretty well. I did hit a little slump in the early afternoon, wanting to nap, but I managed through. My biggest issue today was my hunger and food cravings. I’m trying so hard to control them. I am trying to eat smaller meals and snack between each meal, with a healthy snack. But, I HAD to have lunch at 10:50 today because I was just starving for some reason. I held off as long as I could. But I wasn’t really hungry until much later after that, which I was surprised as well as grateful. I ate a mix of raw almonds and dried cranberries before my walk and ate an apple sometime afterwards, before fixing dinner. Jon and I are still working on Christmas leftovers in the freezer. I am trying to be smart about it, being careful to consume only so much at a time and not go over my calories. Tonight I baked a couple of small chicken breasts and reheated some leftover mashed potatoes (no butter). It turned out to be pretty good. At the end of the day, I’m still in my calorie range!

Going through the motions of the day, I had many cravings for various things. I realize it is seemingly much harder to control your food intake being a SAHM than if you were working. The food is easily and readily available for any time. I am working hard to control those cravings and “hunger”. I have been able to successfully increase my water intake to help with that. But sometimes..I’m just hungry.

The hardest part about most of anything is getting started. And that is the point where I am currently, in the beginning. I’m at the hardest part. I know once my momentum gets going, it’ll become part of my lifestyle again…go back to my old self. I can’t wait for that. But I know in order to succeed, to achieve your goals, you have to earn them. There is no magic pill. I have to work hard to undo the damage I have done to myself. I would say I’m off to a good start so far. I’m trying not to do too much at once to where I get burned out, but at the same time make significant progress to get myself on the right track right away. I am praying and determined the rest of the week go well. I look forward to my first official weigh in at the end of the week to see what progress I have made. Please continue to pray for me on this journey. So far, I think God has been at my side by having me not really feel the need for coffee all that much. I’m actually a little burned out on it. IMAGINE THAT! That’s actually a miracle! I want it every so often, but I’m really enjoying my hot tea as an alternative. Next I would love to not crave chocolate, sweets, or any other junk food. I know a detox would help with that, but I currently don’t have the means. Maybe in the near future I will get to. But now is not the right time, unfortunately. 

I really appreciate all my friends and family cheering me along with my progress. I hope I will be able to make more friends in the process. I have been inspired and hope to inspire others :). Until next time, God bless.